Sunday, July 30, 2006

speaking in their own language

1. lemme know by tonight. i'm going there cos i got class at 6.45pm.
(the class is on the next day 6.45pm)

2. cy: can you fetch me?
answer: at home
(he is at home it is not convenient)

3. ru driving?
(he meant he wants to use the car)
cy: yes, why?
what time will you be back?
cy: not sure why?
i want to use the car

why do ppl speak in their own language and assume other to understand what they mean. they make me feel really stupid when i ask to clarify. especially when they get frustrated when i don't get them. sms (short message system) and msn are killing communications. ppl are sending sms to break up, not to turn up for wedding, probably next time divorce too. why sms? because that can simplify the procedure. no reason required. girls you just have to sulk and bring those unaswered questions to the grave. guys have limited words a day.

ok on top of this i am just hurt. like the case of my bro, he just talks to me when he is in the mood. when he is done, he becomes rude. he will slam the door at my face or try with all his might to end the phone call. again when he feels like it he will buzz you on msn but when he doesn't he'll asks you to SHUT UP or just don't reply. felt so ignored and at the same time so stupid for being offended. and you say girls have PMS. but i am not going to complain to him because i value the little conversations that are left.
ending my day like that affect my next morning. i will feel lousy and refuse to wake up.


Anonymous said...

Not all guys have limited words....and some girls have limited words too....too much of a generalisation...


Joshua Kwah said...

The issue is right! The conclusion is your assumption is it, chaiyen? =] agree with alvin: not all guys are that blunt, and not all guys have limited words. I agree with you on the surface problem: that the person doesn't consider your feelings and thoughts before writing them. The reality (and issue) is: SMS & MSN has become so convenient its tempting to assume it replaces communication (forgething that body language, voice tones, plays a major part in communication.)

Well, I myself made tons of boo boos and sometimes misunderstanding and hurts using sms to communicate everything. Communication is just not a natural thing. It has to be mistakened, clarified, corrected, nurtured and perfected.

Hope you feel better, designers need a good mood to work. ;D