Sunday, July 16, 2006

case study

did i not said that was a common theme? even superman returns puts her in this dilemma, richard (James Marsden) or superman (Brandon Routh)? as usual both are equally good looking. this guy had always been here for you, life would be happily ever after if he doesn't comes back. ok is it time to sing "boy i miss your kisses, boy i'm sorry you are 25 minutes (okie maybe 5 years) too late". but then again if she really loves him maybe she should had waited. or she should not? and why did superman not think, if i take too long she will not know i still love her.

okie i leave this to the guys what do you think?

superman can see through the wall but not through her heart. i mean don't you think that her expression had already betrayed her. too bad for superman for not believing she still likes him, i mean the husband knows it - if not he will not ask her to go to the hospital (and i told you about MR Perfect, didn't i? he knows your heart). even that blur friend Jimmy (Sam Huntington) knows it - "ya she is married but she still likes him, you know who?" this is for those who wants to know it for themself but can't judge like superman, then i think you should stay with hearing from friends hahaha. anyway so what if superman knows that she loves him more, he will not go so low as to covet another man's wife for love. so this is to wrap up the first story, that's it. that's the end. superman made his choice. she did what was left for her.

this is the final question. so in life do you choose the person you love to married or the person you can live with? didn't a lot of wedding speeches quote this "don't married one you can live with, married one you can't live without". it is already not easy to find one that you can't live without, till you thought you had found him he might not feel the same. and maybe he finds one he can't live without and she doesn't feel the same. so at the end of the day who should be the one that compromise? or what should be the deciding factor?

i want to work for a company that does research for this area of life, i can commit my lifetime doing this. but for now, we can start small. pls sent in your letters to dear chaiyen... from anonymous/confused :) we will do an analysis of your case.


Anonymous said...

I keep meaning to answer your questions you post up but I keep finding myself sidetracked at work haha... one day I will get to them. :-) Come visit me in NY! :-D

chaiyen said...

oh if you are kind enough to pay for my air ticket i would love to go visit you :)