Sunday, July 02, 2006

GOD is bigger than a box

after communion today, they played a video of the cruxification of Christ as they sang the final song. honestly it is quite helpful usually because it helps to remind us of God's suffering and goodness. there is really nothing wrong with it i know. my only guess, God is teaching me something new, when i heard this:

"Do not allow the image to tell you what happen at the cross, because no image is enough to potray what i went through. i ask not for your sympathy or compassion but that you know that i am God. Not because i died for you on the cross but that i am God before that. i did not die for you to be God but only because i am God, i can die for you."

that moment i immediately uttered "surely, You are God"

on thursday i was late for dinner with the girls. so when i arrived a thought came to me: should i pray for a parking?

then a voice:
"stop praying just for blessings"

then another:
"do i still believe God can answer such prayer?"

immediately i know which is God's voice, i prayed "i still believe". before i could finish, i saw a car reversing :), then i realised she was just reparking her car. my faith was shaken but i found strength to believe so i shut that doubt away "i still believe". the next thing i saw was a parking. it is impossible to find a parking there if you understand what i mean but it happened.

both of these situations i think are trying to teach me the same thing. all the things that we learn are good, for example don't only come to God for blessings but if we allow all these teachings to shape out who God really is or what He can really do. i think then we had reduce God. basically God's lesson for us at different time can be just really different, and i believe truly a lifetime is not enough to learn and that is the beauty of it.

if you are still wondering why am i not serving in any ministry now, it is simple, i am just learning how to live life with God daily. i no longer dream of moving mountains or conquering lands. i just want to make sure that He is in my heart. the joy of talking to my youth not because i need to, reading my bible not because i must, giving to the poor not because i want to be an example. simply for the joy of my master.

And this is the real and eternal life: that they know You, the one and only true God. John 17

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