Wednesday, July 26, 2006

this is crazy!

everyone in the office left and they didn't tell me. i don't have the tag to go out, so in a way i am locked here. i haven't have my dinner and i won't be having my bed tonight. life has to be this cruel :(

ok, i have biscuits, full supply of water here, air-con, i tunes, and my work as my company. maybe i wasn't meant to sleep tonight because even if i stay awake i might not finish this load of work. just pray that this place doesn't catch a fire. if not i will be on the front page tomorrow.


deJelly said...

It's Crazy!!!
PR Points with the workers there Up by 30% .. hehehe... so 'kan lek' stay in office do work..


Anonymous said...

Wow... that sucks.... at least you're not packing up 7 years of you life in one day haha... *sigh*


call somebody using the phone?

TheDugong said...

what the!!!! oh no.. i can't believe it. call 911 or something. By the way, it might make you feel better if you play online bridge for a while. :P
Hope fire doesnt happen though. lol

Btw, Why all chris posts got wobble wobble.. He like to 'pan' cute. :P

chaiyen said...

the guard came and check on my room at 6am, i left at 7am when the first girl came in. my goodness i am so tired but here goes another marathon.

Anna-Rina said...

my goodness siao one laa u! hope you managed to get some break after that last few days of marathon work. u hv a good rest, will catch up with u soon:)