Wednesday, July 05, 2006

pre-relationship syndrome

she doesn't answer his phone nor reply his sms.
he gets impatient, confused and frustrated.
he asked me, why do she behaves this way:
A. "is it because she doesn't like me anymore?"
B. "or she is angry with me? could it be she is just busy."

hahaha. he asked the right person, i am of the same species. this situation is very different from the previous post. that was a post-relationship syndrome, this is a pre-relationship syndrome :)

i told him because she is tired of liking him. she had done everything she can to hint to him she likes him but he is still not doing anything. she is a girl you see, so she cannot be the one that drop the big question. now, she is doing what is in her power to do. her last trick, cutting it all off and "see how it is without my presence" hahaha.

anyway he cannot stand the silent treatment so he is going to pop the big question (there you go he gives in, anyway this doesn't always work. it only happens when he wants her enough). well, i might not be right. maybe it is "A" but i mean if he really loves her, no harm asking right? the greatest loser is the man that has every power to kau a girl but not do it because of pride. and that poor little girl who cannot do anything can just sit down there and wait. if both remain to do so, down the drain goes another beautiful love story. why let this happen if you know both of you love each other? why not give it a try.

in every area of lives... this is how you conquer the world. fear not rejection or failure, fear what you miss out if you do not act.

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