Tuesday, July 25, 2006

i'll say it again

1. i'll say it again i love being a freelancer. i had been waking up at 10am, going into the office at 4pm and leaving at 8pm. when i walk into the office the girl next to me will say "people going home already le."
2. i'll say it again i need superpower. 3 days away from presentation and i have 6 new articles to layout, 6 main features to relayout (yes, relayout means it is all approved and now they had decided this is not how it should look like) and a lot more that i haven't even receive the project brief. okie i need my midnight msn company but he had not been online for a while. i need starbucks, but since i'm at home i will go for aik cheong iced kopi-o or maybe iced milo.
3. i'll say it again i am korean series freak. for now, since i am busy the korean soundtrack in my itunes will keep me company. the movie is running on my head :)

btw i finished all my work 2 days ago, i am now on my new issue. i'm so lazy to do it all over again! when will the accounts be done with my pay cheque. i have 3 with them :(

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Fooman said...

G'night. See you in the morning.:)