Thursday, July 13, 2006

one THREE hill drama

there are a few titles i need to tackle. do invite all you out there to answer. frequently asked question or questions that i frequently ask others.

1. would you choose someone you love more* or be with someone that loves you more?
my answer: i would choose someone that loves me more because i believe it is not difficult for me to give my whole heart to someone and commit myself. therefore when someone loves me more than i do, i will not find myself feeling insecure. that had always been my option but then i wonder why all the korean series girls always choose to be hurt loving the one that doesn't really care about them, letting go the Mr Perfect. well i guess when you found that one, it is really not about your mind telling you who is perfect anymore. because at that time one thing Mr Cool does makes you weak compare to 100 things Mr Perfect does.
*it does mean that someone you love more might make you cry/ gives you more heartache but maybe it is better than not being with another.

eg: superman returns [richard or superman], full house (korean series), autumn in my heart (korean series), stairway to heaven (korean series), mvp valentines (taiwan series)

2. can best friends become couple?
my answer: yes my bf must be my best friend but not all my best friends can be my bf. sometimes dont have that feel. but i guess the challenge is can we become best friends again if the relationship doesn't work out. so it make sense why many didn't dare to enter into such relationship but then again who told you that best friends last forever anyway?

eg: friends (sitcom), my best friend's wedding

3. will you continue to go after a girl if you thinks that she doesn't like you? will you find out for yourself rather than allow all the rumours and signs make you doubt?
my answer: i always think a guy should check out for himself. do not guess "maybe she likes the other guy", "her signs show that she is not interested", "my friends think that we are not ngam". i can't recall any movies but there are way to many that has this kind of miscommunication that cause them to end up with another partner before getting together or not even together.

honestly what if she tells you she doesn't like you, will you still keep going after her. does this only happen in movies :)

eg: notting hill, summer scent (korean series), one tree hill [brooke and lucas] (english series)

yes, i am a korean series freak. could it be these movies give me unreal fantasy of relationship. or could it be these movies are there to bring to past desires and endings that we wished but are not fulfilled. to let us have a glimpse of things that we want to see, to hear words we long to hear, to give us hope for a better ending.


Joshua Kwah said...

My comments on question 2.

My question is "what defines a best friend?" I guess in this context, it is the exclusive access into your heart, deep thoughts, private issues..etc. A major consideration if ever one considers his/her best friend as a girl/boyfriend is that when it doesn't work out, there is a level of emotional and mental penetration that is shared between both. (we call soul tie). And that makes relating, healing and moving on difficult and treacherous even (some can spin off into addiction, depression..etc). I believe it's not a question of can or can not, but should or should not. I believe exercising wisdom in moderating what we say and discuss to whom and why in a best-friendship is a practical resolution. And that only comes from how we define the boundaries of a "best friend". My 2 cents worth.

Anonymous said...

qns 1: I will choose the one who loves me more; qns 2: dunno.... but think it is a beautiful thing ; qns 3: i will back off...sob...

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... QW got chance.

Anonymous said...

hahaha...kns pastor

chaiyen said...

so what do you mean pastor? and alvin you can explain to if you want to.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chaiyen, Alvin told me to comment here cuz we had an extended discussion (aka arguement) abt BGR... wahahaha...

Firstly, I LOVE UR BLOG!!! :)

Secondly, all i want to say is, I admit: i've been brainwashed by the LoManTic notion. I choose the guy I love. I believe in pursuing a "special" feeling because good and loving guys are everywhere, but there must be a "differentiating factor" that sets someone apart from the rest - the Feel-Ling ah.

Call me stupid. Haha...

Pauleon said...


eg: superman returns [richard or superman]

who is richard??

chaiyen said...

richard is louis lane's husband le, duh.