Saturday, July 29, 2006

first news

wow. i am still alive. in moments like this you can find out who loves you :) when i reach home yesterday night. i slept from 8pm till 8am this morning. i am satisfied.

the very night i was locked. i found out that leng had a major car accident. she is fine except for some bruises on her hand and blue black on the side of her head. ok not as drama as what i had 5 years ago when my car toppled. her car was greatly damaged from the back, and it had to be towed. i couldn't help because i am in there.

anyway they finally decided to give me a temporary tag, so now i can go in and out of the office during ungodly hours. do you call this making a difference haha... "we usually do not give tag to our freelancers".

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Anna-Rina said...

thanks for leaving the comment on my post. it was one of those days where i felt like complaining laa. deleting that post cos i don't wanna have a constant reminder of the past ;p u know la, everyone gets those days once in awhile. catch up with you again soon :D