Sunday, January 21, 2007


maybe dan scott does love both his sons.
maybe rachel is just too insecure.
maybe peyton really didn't betray her.
maybe lucas does want her back.

ok... or maybe not. ppl are just all selfish. maybe they will never change.

the problem with always believing in the good of ppl is, you open your heart and allow ppl another chance to disappoint you again. the pain is going to be more painful because you will scold yourself for being so stupid to be fooled again. a lot of ppl rather stay on the safe side. but what is the hope we live on for if we don't believe. i mean we ourselves are living everyday on second chance. after all the evil things he had done again and again after 3 season of One Tree Hill, i still actually believe that maybe dan scott really do want to make things right in his life. call me crazy or stupid. the 22 episodes seem so short, i wished that our life issues can be dealt with in four days like the speed that i watched them.

on the other hand, the relationships issues become so petty in compare to jack bauer saving america again. he had never failed anyone in the 5 seasons. he always delivers. that is why ppl put their lives, careers and families at stake to support his decisions each time. sometimes you wonder is there someone in this world that you trust so much? the 4 episodes seem so long, you feel that there is a lot you can do in a day and every decision you make in the second is critical.


Sam said...

Hmmmm, Im realy lost with 24!

Thinking if I should continue with that.


Jon Ng said... can one watch season 5 without watching season 4?? Doesn't make sense!! Anyways, season 5 is the BOMB!!!

Sam said...

Thats why, hahaha.

Im sesat!