Tuesday, January 16, 2007

sometimes it is better not to know the numbers

i was doing my accounts to file my income tax and i don't like what i found out. for 2006 i made:


less than last year

and it was not good i was spending much more than before. how did i do that?
- travelled more
- signed up for gym and spa
- indulged for liquor
someone told me a month after her break up, she said it is expensive. i didn't think much about it. should had gone for an europe trip. then again, not that i have more savings in 2005. so whatever.


Anonymous said...

YES!!! Please take my words seriously. Haha. It is expensive to break up with someone. Cos you need to spend alot of $$$$ in order for you to heal your broken heart... Muahahaha ;)


chaiyen said...

so we all should not be attach again so we can protect ourself from getting hurt and hurting our pocket. is it true? haha