Tuesday, January 16, 2007

the thrills continue

just a few things:

1. i like brooke really a lot. she is such a girl. i still don't understand why is it so difficult to understand a girl? they are just so simple.

2. too many good one liners. looks like the girls are all those that fight for the relationship this season. the guys are really cool with some of the behind the scene things but they really need to learn to speak up.

3. now... we are only half way there. everyone is together again. yes all the miscommunication are settled. i am so happy for all of them but this is not good. i mean if they are not together yet, there will be chance they will get back together. but if they are already together there might be chance they will not be at the end.

who cares.
someone once said, do not let the past torment you because it is no longer here or the future worries you because it is not here yet. enjoy every moment you have now while it is still here.

day 2 - and i am done with 11 episode. yah i am watching it with very a free person like me.

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