Monday, January 15, 2007

i want to know you

i know i had ask this before. i had tried once and again. but i am going give this one last try. i really want to know you who is reading this blog. it will be really nice if you could:
- leave your name or nick. you can leave your link too if you want
- tell me what you do for a living
- mention where you are from
- what you like to read on my blog MOST?
1. bgr: boy girl relationship real issues, love philosophy and theories
2. reflection: things i see and how i relate it with my life
3. confession: my struggle and transparency of life
4. His voice: my devotion and how i relate it with my life
5. to know how i am
6. everything... you really really cannot choose one (fine! but guess i am fine then... i wasn't too depressing. ppl loves it)
7. ... (fill in the blanks)

i really want to know because a lot of ppl told me that my blog is very depressing and i talk a lot about love. but then again those are the entries that cause a lot of you to come back and read it isn't it? btw i had always been writing for ppl to read that some may understand. in a way i was writing the heart of many unspoken hearts. i had been really honest with you, i had spilled my life to you. i just wish that you tell me a little about what you think.

my faithful reader. will be updating this list:
1. dejelly, chaiyen's blog reader, pj, 1
2. fay, coffeenator, kl, 6
3. shups!, non-profit work, singapore, 6 and 'generally kaypoh'.
4. paolin, blog reader, perth, 3
5. sam, business student, soontobe sydney, 6 specially the third.
6. anobech, mum, melbourne, 5 and pat
7. anna, *, kl, 5
8. steph, *, sj, 5 and know about herself
9. sharon, lawyer, singapore, 5
10. teddyguy, *, *, 2
11. martin, art director, kl, 3
12. yanlin, *, singapore, *
13. steph sung, contract specialist, singapore, 5
14. tze teng, business student, kl, because it is about you
15. tracie, housewife, taiwan, *
16. felix, biz student/freelance jingle composer/guitar teacher, KL, 6
17. jon, ChaiYen's blog reader and my blog reader is ChaiYen, Taiping currently in KL, 1 and 3
18. elaine, the mysterious muddling maze of media, singapore, 5 and do not like no 1
19. shirley and howe, *, singapore, we love you
20. pauleon, dr-to-be, from KL to Singapore, 6

* = haven't answer the question

honestly i have an average of 70 hits a day. to do the maths they are at least 20-30 ppl visiting my blog. why do they not want me or other ppl know that they are reading my blog. still thinking... had been thinking for a while.


deJelly said...

deJelly, chaiYen's most constant blogReader, petalingJaya,

blurred esh said...

fay, coffeenator, kl, all of the points mentioned. ;o)

shups! said...

- shups! @
- non-profit work
- singapore
- all, ie. generally kaypoh.

Anonymous said...

PaoLin, blog reader, perth, 3

chaiyen said...

wow you guys read blog for a living... and jelly... my blog in particular hahaha. i know you like my entries hahaha but MOST le... give me a guide.

but hey PaoLin didn't know you are reading. speak your mind out... when you read. love to hear from you :)

deJelly said...

mm.. ok..
mine would be...
#1.. wakakaka..
but also includes philosophy in general...
the human mind is always interesting
; )

oh and.. i'm not just blog reader.. it's 'chaiYen's blog reader'


Anonymous said...

i'm a blog reader only coz it sounds so much more fun (and is more fun) than being an accountant/tax agent

nevermind it sounds more fun.
tax agent sounds so dodgy

Sam said...



Anonymous said...

anobech, mum, melbourne, just to care and to pat. hehe.

Anna-Rina said...

oi me laa, i drop by once in awhile just to check on how you're really feeling. heeheheh... :p

blurred esh said...

alamak.. i kena asterick liao.. okie ler.. hmm.. why me read your blog with my cuppa...

hmm... to hear hows it going with you & to learn sth. donno how many donkey yrs liao since we had more than 1/2 hr talk.

take care!

Anonymous said...

To checkout what you are up to everyday and make sure you are alright... sounds so sweet ya... haha.
And to also make sure i know what i'm up to cos you do blogged about me once in a while ;)


Anonymous said...

art director

Yanlin said...

me! :)

Anonymous said...

- contract specialist
- singapore
- keeping in touch and getting to know you better :)

Anonymous said...

hey chai yen..i read ur blog interesting cos is more about urself..

tzeteng: business student, currently in HELP uni. =)

Anonymous said...

tracie, housewife, taiwan, about writer's lifestyle, mostly no.1 to no.5

chaiyen said...

huh tracie? i didn't know you move to taiwan? i thought you moved to beijing? your life is too interesting...

Anonymous said...

huh? since when i was in beijing? haha...i wish i can travel like u do..^^

Felix :O) said...

- Felix

- Biz student/Freelance jingle composer/Guitar teacher

- KL

- I love reading everything, 1-5! :)

Jon Ng said...

Jon/ChaiYen's blog reader and my blog reader is ChaiYen/Taiping/ & 3

Anonymous said...

haha i suppose i shld leave my name in the WCY hall of fame records too!

- 'laine from the mysterious muddling maze of media
- xin jia po
- you already know the parts of your blog that's not my fave or regular reading material, lol... anyway, i read to *try* to find out how you are lor, hee ;)

see you in feb when i'm up there, i hopes! ta~

Anonymous said...

We love you lah and just like the question we always ask....How's Chai Yen's heart?


Anonymous said...

kyt, chai yen's blog reader..
ya, i almost forgot to leave my comment until reminder from my gf..
in the beginning, i read your blog because i just want to know things related to her...then i found out i enjoyed reading your blog cos it is interesting and related to life... :)

Pauleon said...

Pauleon, dr-to-be, from KL to Singapore,6

haha.. i just speed read through your posts from like dunno when.. about 100+ posts......... it was piling up.