Tuesday, January 30, 2007

i am here

i didn't sleep.

i was hungry so i drank a packet of fresh milk.

i left my house at 6am.

i sang and i keep my brain working to keep myself awake.

i stopped at the first pit stop for loo and some stretching.

i am too tired i need to stop at the next pit stop to get a can of coffee.

i called a friend at 8.30 to keep myself awake.

i arrived safely, even though i was quite freak out by the two big truck accidents on the road. i actually bother to think of who i want to call and what i want to say. come to think about it, life might be more interesting if it is short :)

it wasn't such a long journey. i really enjoyed the sunrise. it was beautiful. a familiar route, a different journey.


Anonymous said...

hey chai yen!!
have a great time in singapore..
enjoy life and God will always be there for u..
have a safe journey back to kl. =)

deJelly said...

"If we live our days as tho it was the last, one day we'll be right."
-Steve Jobs.

Sam said...

Agreed with Jelly.

Thanks for your friendship Yen.

As you knoe it, you are a Blessing and an Inspiration.

I'll be coming home next year.


Anonymous said...

glad that you arrived safely. got me worried when you blogged and didn't sleep the night before and driving down alone...

glad you are alright...

chaiyen said...

now. who have i got worried? :)


Anonymous said...

just a worried mum...you know who??

chaiyen said...

let me think. i got a lot of mummy friend's now. i am not kidding. it helps if i know you are in msia, australia or taiwan :)