Friday, January 05, 2007

the last 12 days

christmas eve. met three new friends from singapore. dinner at williams and countdown at laundry.

after christmas service i went movie with daniel... can't believe he made me meet his parents for lunch but they were pretty cool so i am ok. with my new friends again for dinner at ss2 and luna bar at night. honestly the place is too beautiful. i really wonder why am i there with these two guys i hardly know. i mean i had a great night with them but i will make a trip back again when i find someone special. a place worthy to be shared with someone more than friends.

with my new friends for dinner at dragon i, met more new friends. they bought the january female magazine because i am in it. yes i am in pg131!

a meeting with fei meng. preparation for her wedding.

sat in a office the whole day to print all the paperwork for fei meng's wedding.

met some of my kids at one u. did my free spa manicure, very nice place. quickly packed and rushed to malacca for fei meng's pre wedding dinner.

very fun 'chip san leong' (translation=picking up the bride) ceremony. followed by a whole day of liaising with the hotel and rehersals for dinner. a lot, a lot of yam sengs at night.

john's open house. his friends said his room is the kind of room girls will die to be his gf, i have to agree with that haha. poppy for countdown with my cousin and friends.

angie and ashley's wedding. at a very nice place where i had my fiagra experience.

took a lift from my cousin to singapore. met a lot of ppl for dinner. i am always amazed by the amount of ppl that turned up eventhough it is last minute. welcomed by a beautiful bouquet of flower by steph sung. howe and shirley gave me a lift back, you know it is always a good time to remind me how special i am. found out that i had someone top up my hp credit so that he can call me. stayed over at elaine's place and had a bit more talking with her over the night.

collected my passport. renewed my posb bank book. went to take a look at my cousin's house. bumped into my ex editor while looking for her house so i sat down and had a drink. went to true spa for foot reflex, courtesy of alvin. a meal with him before he gave me a lift to kranji. talk about being a princess for a day you know singapore is the place.

met justin for movie.

there must be a reason why my voice is not back yet... too many yam sengs and countdowns. had been playing this song on my itunes again and again since i know it from the preparation for fei meng and chak leong's wedding. you must be wondering why do someone play such a song for a wedding but then again maybe this song has a special meaning to them. of course it is not the key song, just one that caught my attention. they were in a relationship for 10 years before they broke off. he kind of had enough of her but came back because he felt that he can't go on without her so he proposed. she must be tough at times but he loves her. so the wedding was pretty touching for some of us that had seen them together since high school.

for your pleasure, listen to the lyrics line by line :)

here is the lyrics.

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valeriechuan said...

yeah gotta agree Luna Bar nice place to go..nice atmosphere..somewhere different,sit by the side and drink and look out the window..^_^