Wednesday, January 10, 2007

i can't start my engine for 2007

what had i done the whole week:
had been reading the Philosophy for Understanding Theology book by Diogenes Allen.
- i have to say it does really open my eyes to many things. a lot of unlearning to do. made me really humble not to grasp God fully. but i am not giving up, need to have a discipline of theology.
- Ron Choong my si fuh said this when we were doing our skype sessions with him
we are not proclaiming because we understand what we proclaimed
we are proclaiming what God said
we are learning to understand what we proclaimed
don't stop proclaiming, don't stop understanding

watched A Night in the Museum for 3 times.
- the third time i watched the movie, the guy asked me this "so you watched the show 3 times with 3 different guy?". "ermm, tehnically you are right, but the second time i watched it with a group of ppl". the first time i was helping him kill time, the second time they got extra ticket and i was bored, the third time i just wanted to keep him company. but most important of all, i never pay for any of the tickets :)

sleep and really sleep.
- i used to tell ppl when i was younger my hobby (something i do when i am free) is to sleep. i had been sleeping till my little sis leaves for her afternoon school. i had been taking afternoon naps in between and before my dinner. well i think reading that philosophy book does the magic, i mean that book is heavy... i need to read every sentence and paragraph again.


honestly it is not because i got nothing to do, i've got work pilling up:
1. i need to close my 2006 accounts for income tax
2. i need to backup all my work for 2006 and label them
3. i need to update my website
4. i need to look for new jobs to clear my next month bills


like someone puts it, i need to work on my big project: find a husband

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