Saturday, January 27, 2007

someone is watching my back


p: why you never follow us go clubbing anymore?
cy: yah daniel, why you never bring me anymore?
d: erm, she is a good girl. i only bring her for movies and yam cha.

after that question, i made the second attempt to Loft with him again yesterday. yes, i enter the place like a VIP as usual as if i am walking on a red carpet cause this dear friend of mine knows everyone from the bouncers to the managers to the waiters. we sat at the very same table we sat the last time, according to him that table is his every weekend. right in the middle of the night he came over.

d: where did you go just now?
cy: i went to the loo.
d: next time you must tell me where you go. this kind of place is not as simple as you think it is. (ok now i feel like i am 16 years old). and if you don't like those guys touching you, stand away from them.
cy: yes, i already did. (ok now, i need to move even further cause that guy is walking to where i am. let me find a sit at the corner then. this is where it leads to another highlight* of the night)
d: that is why i don't want to bring you go clubbing. i am very worried for you, i need to keep looking out for you. don't think i am not watching, i can see every move of yours and every guy that come close to you.

i haven't even mention, the node i need from him to try the tequila shot, and how he stopped the guy that offered me the second shot. i think have not given him the title in vain. honestly not that he knows i gave him that title, not sure what more he will do if i do. i mean he is more protective of me than a bf hahaha.

* another conversation with c. it is him that asked me the question from case 3. yes i did promise not to say i-am-not-ready again. but guess i gave my worst answer yesterday.

c: so why is d not the kind of guy.
cy: just not.
c: why? why? tell me why.
cy: erm... maybe i have someone in mind. (after i said that, i think 'shit'. why did i say that? was i just trying to stop him from asking? arghh whatever. i had said it, i am lazy to revert what i said.)


Sam said...

Thats just great to hear.

Btw, thanks for your super speach again.

Sometimes feel Im not worthy of all those!

Appreciate your encouragement.

Oh btw, I think my parents were stun a little. Hoho!


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Anonymous said...

Hi CY.

Been long time didn't log in and check your blog. Must say i like your photos. Hmmm didn't expect looking at your back side Hahaha. You look great