Monday, January 15, 2007

emotional thrills

someone ask me this:
you like feeling the pain don't you? so that you can still feel yourself. that is why you don't want to let go and make yourself go through this.

i really dunno, i really like watching all these drama series. go through the emotional roller coaster. cry and cry till i need to drink a big gulp of water to breathe properly again. and yes i am doing it again. welcome to a whole new season of crying. i just did 6 cds in one sitting of one tree hill - season 3. i really like this series a lot because it shows the good in every person. the real struggles in each of their heart.

she loves him and is willing to lose herself to have him.
he loves her and want her to find herself than to be with her.

she loves him but she flirts with loads of guys so that he will fight for her.
he loves her but played her game to make her jealous to know that she loves him.

hmm... why can't ppl just sit down and deliver what their heartfelt really is. it is one big mess when you keep guessing each other intention. but then again i guess without stories like that you won't have drama series anymore.

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