Wednesday, December 27, 2006

credit list 2006

to my complain group, without you i'll die speechless:
chris wee, sam wee, jon ng

to my working partners, to whom labour with me till late night:
chris chew, michelle proctor

to my late nights buddies, without you all my working nights wouldn't be that enjoyable:
edmund kee, robin lai, ying

to my part-time boyfriends, for your company over lunch, dinner and movies. thank you for taking care of me, fetching me around and paying all the bills. with you guys around who needs a boyfriend:
justin, daniel tan

to my family, to whom i know always stand by me and understand me. thanks for showering me with love i never give and making me feel so special all the time:
shirley bong, yong howe, elaine ho, alvin lim, ps lee choo

to my life partners, for sharing your life with me this year:
anna, fei meng, sien lee

and to you:
best friends
photo by anna


you had been all the above to me this year. this year had been difficult for both of us when God took away what matters the most to both of us. the fact that i can sit where you sit because i understand how you feel makes me feel that all i went through this year is worthwhile. the thought of all that happened this year leads to your salvation cause me to be at the verge of tears. those words that you echo me touched my heart "no matter what your choice are, i will support you", "we will be here for you", "let's walk thru this journey together". i know they always said it is easier to be just friends than to live together but all the travel trips we had this year cause me to realise that i enjoy living with you.

i know i had told you this but i need to let the whole world know this. if there is a 'best friend award', i will surely give it to you. honestly if i am a man, i think i had found the one i can live with forever. thank you for this year.

and to all you out there, do not feel any less. i know if time and space allow us, you will love me as much since i am so lovable.

i was looking for love, not to realise it has always been around me


deJelly said...

honored to be in your credit list!
= )

Sam said...

Wootz d=)

Jon Ng said...

Thank you!!! Am honoured too! And thank you for hearing my complains as well...haha....I'll see you in 07...for more complains? or perhaps...happy stories that turn the tide of complains...?


Anonymous said...


Alvin (S'pore)

chaiyen said...

yup... cheers to the new years all of you.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year from New York! :-) We will have many more late night chats eh?

Anna-Rina said...

waaa...sure or not want to thank me?? ahahahahah!! don't forget, i'm also the one who's always short tempered and scold you ;p

Anonymous said...

TQ so much!!!
To be honest, if there is such an award, i wish i can grant it to you as well.
It's really great spending time with you throughout last year.
Thanks for reminding me, I didn't even realised that i can also stay with you eventually after all these trips. Haha.
Althought we lost something which are really important for both of us this year, but i believe that when someone looses something, they will gain back something else.
That's our friendship!!!
I will be here for you and support you no matter what decision that you will be making in the future.

Thank you very much for the companionship!!! ;)


chaiyen said...

yup, yup. cheers to our friendship :)

Anonymous said...

honored to b one of those in yr credit list !!
2006 was an interesting year for me as well...
Anyway really thanks for all yr fantastic efforts during my wedding dinner. Cant imagine if without you as a wedding planner for that nite !! must b v kalam kabut d!
all the best for 2007!

Fei Meng
ha...thanks so much !

chaiyen said...

wah jac also reading my blog. this is so drama.

Anna-Rina said...

tiu nia sing. all like drama queen only :p you think oscar awards meh?!!? hehehehe...

chaiyen said...

hahah anna. i didn'tt on purpose to make it so drama. but you know it is the real things that cause real emotions hahhaha.