Monday, December 11, 2006

i sleep like a baby through the night

there was a book i read about courtship very long ago. it mentioned do not plan or discuss anything too far ahead because it hurts when you don't get there and those memories linger.

1. do not plan your wedding date, eg: 7 july 2007
2. do not plan a particular place you want to have your wedding
3. do not plan the names of your kids
4. do not plan your next year trip
5. do not imagine the morning sunrise you will see together on mount k

every once in a while, i will have difficutly to sleep. either i am too tired and my brain cannot stop functioning or i am too free and i took too many naps in the day time. i have a technique to make myself sleep instead of toss and turn on my bed. i normally hug my smaller bolster i had since i was 8. i will try not to move, put a big bolster very close to one side of my body. why do i do that?

this reminds me why. i went to visit baby samuel yesterday. after playing with him for a long while - he talked 'in his own language', he laughed, he crawled for 1cm or more - he got tired, he wants to sleep. he will cry for a long while everytime he wants to sleep because he wants to be carried but we refused to pamper him. but then i can't bear seeing him cry so i put a pillow very close to his side, i rubbed his hand to remind him i am still around. he really stopped crying, faster than i can imagine and soon fell asleep. i guessed that pillow is like a hug to remind you someone is near.

i ask myself way?
i sleep like a baby through night
maybe it helps to know
you'll be there tomorrow

we could be in love
by lea salonga and brad kane

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