Sunday, December 03, 2006

that was really nice but don't like me

man: i know i will never be the person inside your heart. i just want to love you and be there for you. i am really happy for you if you can be with that someone you love and hopefully loves you the same too. if he hurt or fail you, remember you can always call me. you will always have a place inside my heart.

woman: i will never accept him, but that is the sweetest thing a person ever said and honestly i feel really secure because i know no matter what happen i have a special place in someone's heart. isn't that what every girl long for? but then of course we are a bit picky. we just want a place in that someone's heart.

cy: don't like me. i am not ready for a relationship and i do not want to be in a long distance relationship.
y: thanks for telling me dat!!! now that i talk to u so often on the msn... honestly do you think i have any motive talking to you?
cy: i would like to think no but i am sure you come online more than you used to
y: yes, i do. in all sincerity... i really do enjoy talking to u. i mean its really strange. btw i like challenge, i like hard to get girls :)

a: i lost a lot of weight already, give me a few more months i will have the body of your ex bf.
cy: no, pls don't try. don't work out for me, work out for yourself.

c: do you need him to be a christian if he (d) wants to court you?
cy: (i look at d) no, i won't be with him in the first place.
d: *laughed*

i had been going out with a lot of people and probably some girls will scold me for being stupid for saying any of the above... "why do you burn your own bridges, no harm having guys go after you" or "why ru so picky? he has got everything the look and the money." i had told them not to waste their time, i mean remember guys only talk when they are interested. i am happy to be your friends. of course if you still want to like me, i am honoured to be your choice. to be honest, it does feel good to be desired again eventhough i don't intend to jump into any now. i do enjoyed being fetched around, not paying for anything the whole night, and getting all the attention. i mean i am a girl after all :)

TIPS: for girls that are looking for good man.
1. y is a really nice guy. romantic both with words and action. i would say he has his ways around girls.
2. a can do anything for you, even if it means going to the gym... i am sure he will do a lot more. surely a gentleman.
3. d is a gentleman, good looking and big time in his career.

DISCLAIMER: i would like to think that none of them had any motives for treating me nice. i just want to caution them not to even start thinking since they are such nice guys.

A SECRET: "i am not ready" is such a good excuse for turning a guy down. honestly, i might suddenly be ready when i meet the right guy haha.


deJelly said...

wa.. super hamzz ar! = D

Anonymous said...

oh wow!!! you said it.

Respect her lor