Monday, July 30, 2007

beauty is subjective

© All rights reserved. photograph by anna

since this photo provoked so many comments ever since i use it as my msn photo. i shall compile them to entertain all of you. anyway these comments might apply only when it is in the small msn frame.

1. "wah so lenglui ah" monica
2 "wa, you look nice in this photo" shups, spore
3. "wah, why suddenly got stylish pic? nice!" edwin
4. "nice pic. very nice. have you ever thought of nude potrait? of course not sleazy type" finn, photographer (specialized on skin and baby potraits, that is why the question), spore
5. "this is one from the girls photo shoot? girls... but nice nice :)" ex bf no2

6. "wa hot" dan
7. "oOO nice pic, you look sexy!" hydrolic

8. "woa! is that you? wooohhooo. nice shot. what's the occasion? making yr ex regret? hahaha. tell yr friend i'm impress" my cousin, weimin photographer and videographer, spore
9. "wah nice pic, this pic a lot of guy willl die i think" ex bf no1

10. "ur pic looks like ur naked (msn cropped the top and bottom of the photo to fit). stumbling me, pls change thx" keith

these are comments from msn alone. not to mention my sis says "so bitchy, pls change". personally i think this photo looks really nice and i won't put it in friendster. i don't want to give false expectations. because close up, i don't think i look that good. credit goes to the photographer, who is able to make me look good.


Anonymous said...

as hot as ever....great pic!

But somehow, all ur pics in ur blog look pixelated. May wanna check ur resolution and size. DOn't let the technicalities spoil the good pics. Hehe

deJelly said...

memang a hottie...
i'm not your ex also i regret..

for keith.. it's not a turn off lar..
what's he trying to say that he's damn turned on he can't control it..
you're too hot d!

= P

chaiyen said...

yah it is a turnoff to me. hahaha... we're super crazy.

anyway jon, it looks perfect in safari. any other pc user? does it look pixelated?

Anonymous said...

chai yen!! nice pic..very pretty..=)


pretty = hot = beauty?

chaiyen said...

thanks tzeteng

huan, i think pretty might not be hot but hot is not necessary pretty.

deJelly said...

but i think for this case is pretty & hot

= P

Sam said...

Jon + Chris + Sam ...

"Hot Stuff"

Btw, watched this Korean show 'A Moment To Remember'?

Killed me.


chaiyen said...

i watched that already. like which korean movie have i not much hahahaha...

Sam said...

Hahaha, Im going on Korean movie streak thanks to my housemate.

Plus, my Korean network seems to be expanding every week!

Stay hot.


Anonymous said...

wah....serious??Korean chicks?? Hahaha...I'm learning korean day by day....but still suck. Haha... well, gotta find some course for it la. Haven't watched that yet...but i strongly recommend u all to watch 'My Girl' and 'Full House'....if you wanna see SONG HYE KYO!!! Muahahaha....

Yen, it's very pixelated in PC i think. Cos mine everytime turns out to be like that.

chaiyen said...

no i had check with other pc user as well. they say it is very clear. im not sure is it your setting or what. no one seems to be complaining unless they just didnt bother to reply hahahah