Friday, August 03, 2007


and i say don't mess up with the players because you are not on par with them

don't think that you are too strong to fall for that because you just might fall for them
don't think that you are smart enough not to believe this is real because girls are just girls we are just naive
don't think even for one second that when you play with fire you won't get burn

and for one moment i suddenly realised i was missing something different.
and for one moment i was thinking maybe, just maybe the feelings was real.
only for one moment then i woke up, DON'T EVEN TRY think about it again.


"i show no pretense but if a girl wants to put me on a white horse that is up to her" the player from the movie someone like you.

to feel for two person at one point is possible. but feelings doesn't mean anything anyway, you can feel for someone when you wake up but before you go to sleep the feeling is gone. it comes uninvited, sometimes refuse to go. yah girls are naive, or maybe they just choose to be that.

itunes looping: let me let go by faith hill

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