Monday, August 06, 2007

fullness of life

10.00pm - 02.00am: party time. necessary, it is the weekend and i'm not expected to deliver anything tomorrow.
09.00am: woke up to met my chiropractor
10.00 - 12.00pm: company my client to check out her gowns
12.00 - 04.00pm: working at starbucks
05.00 - 07.00pm: nap
07.00pm: dinner with my family
07.00 - 09.00pm: work
10.00 - 03.00am: chill and drink with m. it was a good time.*
04.00am: just clear some stuff. working with a little hangover and tiredness. you really dunno which is which.
total sleeping hours = 6 hours
total working hours = 8 hours

04.30 - 07.00am: sleep
07.00 - 09.00am: work
10.00 - 01.00pm: church and i didn't sleep, trust me. art sanborn's testimony was too powerful and inspiring. even my dead and numb body comes alive
01.00 - 01.30pm: sleep in the car
01.30 - 03.00pm: my sweeties birthday party.**
04.00 - 06.00pm: nap
07.00pm: dinner with my family
08.00 - 09.30pm: work
10.00 -12.00am: kay's birthday supper
total sleeping hours = 3 hours
total working hours = 1.5 hours

12.00 - 07.00am: work (of course i did my preparation, starbucks latte to go!)
07.00 - 09.00am: sleep
09.00 - 05.30pm: work
05.30 - 06.00pm: power nap
total sleeping hours = 2.5 hours
total working hours = 15 hours

reasons for not sleeping: 3 clients – FHM, HELLO! and Parkson jobs overlapping. still enjoying life and refuse to forsake time with my friends. and of course i love ppl enough not to miss their birthday. even if they won't know i'm there. or they** are just too young to understand what birthday means.

1 year old
the mummy on the left most, she is a japanese. i chatted with her and got some tips for my japan trip. totally cool

the cake looks good

reasons for this entry:
1. i just want to give you a reason of my absence. somehow ppl are expecting an entry from me on monday morning hahaha. i meant to post this link.
2. just a short entry to tell you how amazed i'm with myself. and i'm not hating my job yet. not enough sleep but not exactly drain out. not just yet.
3. a little explanation for my previous blog entry. i'm not in love, as someone said "i'm not getting there because i hate the feelings of falling out of it". i'm just thinking aloud after the * session.
there are just too many that are hurt around, too many not wanting to get serious in a relationship and too many ending up having very complicated relationships. i'm not sure if that is the way to get off those problems.
time has change. when i was younger, we have a slight feelings for someone, we go for it and we try to take the whole relationship seriously. we want to see it happen. now, i see something else. i see ppl falling in love, refusing to admit them yet refusing to let go. ppl that don't want others to know what they are thinking anymore, ppl that don't want others to know they can feel. appearing cold, they shut off the world. not only that, they don't want to know any truths from you as well because they do not know how to handle them. they like the feeling to be in love, yet not want to commit because they do not want to know what might happen. so they just hang around close enough for you to touch their flesh, but not close enough to touch their heart.
so at the end, you have supress feelings and numbed hearts, complicated relationships, a masked society. i am really so not looking forward to see the kind of relationships that birth forth from this generation.
why am i saying all this. i dunno. it simply just keep happening around me so that blog was just a random expression of it. like an art, it doesn't really mean anything. yah, forgive me if it causes any misunderstanding. i'm entitled to be excused, looking at my total sleeping hours hahaha. i'm not thinking straight.



eh, not all art are meaningless okay, u just dont lk the fine art pple rite..

anyway, you met up with m? wow, you must be james bond.. hahahaha...

chaiyen said...

i meant art dont have a contructive meaning. it is like, im emotional but not 'like' or 'dont like' kind of things.

Anonymous said...

Wahhh... So, in total you only slept = 11.5 hours :o

And that is actually = to my 1 night sleep...muahahha paiseh..


chaiyen said...

hahahah nvm i slept last night from 1am to 10am this morning. wahhh recuperate already. i'm ready to do it all over again hahaha...

but seriously, you sleep quite a lot nowadays huh.

Anna-Rina said...

eh not good for your liver ahhhh you sleep so little :p siao ah.

if steph number 2 in sleeping, no one else dare to claim number 1 spot wei. wahahahahaha!

soolin said...

another classic entry by the love expert that spoke straight to my heart. yes this is exactly what is going on, not allowing someone to touch ur heart, today i made some comment to someone that he can stand next to me but he's not able to step into my nei4 xin1 shi4 jie4. it looks like im guarding myself no? haha... u really understand humans, or was it just me that could really feel the impact of what u wrote?

on a lighter note, sleep more, rest more!

chaiyen said...

hahah dont call me love experts. im shy. mayb i had just begin to be another of such category ppl thus began recognising these ppl.