Thursday, August 16, 2007

find someone:

1. that will fight for you
2. that will wait for you
3. that will love you

just a strong impression this morning. not sure if it has got to do with my weird phone call yesterday.

yw: do you have anything from God to me?
cy: huh? why would you say this?
yw: because you call me out of the blue earlier and ask me how am i? then later in the evening i broke off with my gf. so i'm just wondering if you heard anything
cy: erm no... wah you think go temple ask god don't need to give money ah?
yw: christian God dun need mah, only the chinese god need to pay money haha...

the 3 critireas up there might be a sign my next prince charming is coming. well if a non christian thinks that i can hear from God about relationship, i ought to first hear for myself.

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