Sunday, August 26, 2007

when monday is not as blue

why lonely ppl feel worst on the weekend. when monday is not as blue as it used to be to some...

"i used to spent a lot of time with him on the weekends"
"where are you going tonight, just sitting at home thinking of him is driving me crazy"
"want to do a movie, any movie... i just don't want to stay at home"

i know how most of us hate monday. because there goes our rest day. recently only i realised actually some ppl in this world hate weekends. they hate it when everybody have plans. not that they don't, but they don't have it with that particular person. so weekends remind them how much they miss the person. when work and everything else is taken away from them. they don't know what else to do but to think of that person.

as for me i love weekends now, because i have more ample time on the weekends to finish up my work. as for me, i love them both because it is a different challenge and i get to meet a different group of ppl. but days had been passing by me really quickly. im really trying to do my best to seize the moment everyday.


deJelly said...

i can agree that i often have Saturday blues more than Monday blues..

chaiyen said...

hmm. why so? ru in love hehehehe. but dejelly is always in love. except mayb for...... now wahaahhhhhaahah

deJelly said...

weekdays seem more relaxed..

yea.. it feels so weird not having someone to feel for...

odd face of life.