Sunday, March 04, 2007


r: what's the most romantic thing a guy has ever done for you?

chaiyen says: got a lot wohh hahah. bla blah. but i found out if i don't like the guy it will make it less romantic

r: what's the most romantic you've done to a guy then?

chaiyen says: also got a lot hahaha. but one i will always want to be there when he is sad. no matter how far he is.

r: god.. LOVE is so POWDERFUL!!! i know of this guy. he won't be around during christmas. so he bought 12 presents so that she can open one a day when she's not around. each present got number and represent something

chaiyen says: sweet...

r: like 1 - a plushie
2 - sims 2 game
3 - her fav book with 300 + pages

chaiyen says: aiyyooh so thoughtful. faint faint...

r: 9 - u2 dvd her fav band with 9 tracks and 9 additional dunno what. melt or not i ask u?

chaiyen says: melt... but like i say only if i like the person

r: so conclusion is it's all bout the feel and chemistry

chaiyen says: no, conclusion is not that i want a guy that is romantic. i want the guy i love to be sweet to me. you will realise small things the guy you love do for you makes you smile more than big things a guy you don't like do for you.

r: no matter how nice a guy is. it's still about the feel. a guy can be not so nice but if you have the feel. you'll like him too

chaiyen says: it is not i need a romantic guy. i just want to know i am loved. that he still bother to make an effort to tell me he loves me :)

r: ok so if someone doesn't make u feel loved. doesn't bother to say he loves you. but u have the feel for him.. you'll still like him rite?

chaiyen says: erm shouldn't be the case. will not start. but start already maybe cannot stop

r: haha.. u are insane la. so conclusion, it's still about the feel no matter how shitty that guy is

chaiyen says: but i normally like expressive guys. guys that can tell you they like you. are guys that can tell you about their things. if not don't expect to hear much of their life from them

r: and that's THE ONE you like most i guess

chaiyen says: i have a few ex bfs that are more expressive. and i like 2 out of 5 of them more

r: love is a weird thing i guess... but we just can't live without it. who can... then love again can be in many diff forms. not necessarily bf and gf

chaiyen says: i really have to say it is different. the rest of the ppl in the world you try to love. but the man you are going to married, you just love

r: ok you're getting a bit too deep

chaiyen says: you love your mum, don't you. what will you do for her?

r: anything i guess. except chores... heheheh

chaiyen says: well you will do chores for the guy you like. 

i don't like romantic guys, i like the guy i love to be romantic



exactly. so dont need to be romantic. cos everything u do to the girl that likes u is romantic, if not, u do anything also no use.

lovey dovey soap opera romantic movies are after all fiction. teach bad little kids one. tsk tsk.

chaiyen said...

need to do, you never know the girl feel the same for you or not until you act on it. cause the girl don't realise how much she likes you till it happens.