Tuesday, November 14, 2006

we are stories of the Story

isaac is his one and only son with sarah. the only son that lives with him. the walk to the mount that day, what do you think crosses abraham's mind?

to let go of the one i love? why ask me this, God? i must had heard wrongly. you just want a sacrifice from me isn't it? i can give you a 100 sheeps. i can give you other things. no? why not, is it because i had make isaac my god? he had not take over your place. really... God i will do everything you say. even if it means to give you my one and only son. these are things that could had possibly crossed his mind. but this is abraham's story and our lesson always stop here.

what do you think isaac feels? my dad doesn't love me. that is why he is willing to sacrifice me? it is such a pain to be his child, why do he has to do that to me? what had i done wrong? he don't know how to protect me? he doesn't have the right to be my dad?

what if really that is how the story goes. isaac is bitter about it, told his mum and they both decide to leave home. i mean what a crazy man that is. fortunately that is not how the story goes if not the whole bible wouldn't be the same anymore. abraham didn't even know exactly why he did what he did but he did.

'by faith abraham, when God TESTED HIM, offered isaac as a sacrifice. he who had received the promises was about to sacrifice his one and only son, even though God had said to him, "it is through isaac that your offspring will be reckoned." abraham reasoned that God could raise the dead, figuratively speaking. he did receive isaac back from the death.' (hebrews 11.17-19)

isaac and sarah didn't leave abraham. they know that abraham loves isaac very much. they know that he is a man trying his best to honour God the best he knows how. isaac understood through this obedient that everyone will be bless by God. isaac knows this God that works all things for good.

we live in a world that has more than one person. how do God one big plan works for the good of everyone? yet He can. your act of obedient might cause temporal hurt to others that doesn't understand but both will reap the benefits one day. there were days that i have to go through what abraham go through to let go of the one i love, yet there are days that i need to be like isaac to forgive and learn to trust the heart of the one i love. we all had not done wrong, this God we believe in is making a far more beautiful story then we can understand.

i can only say i am in awe again tonight.


Anonymous said...

I can only say "Amen"

Glad you found the "truth"

Keep Pressing On.


Anonymous said...

I agree! "AMEN"

Anonymous said...

tis blog spoke to me somewhat.... thanks for blogging

Alvin (FCBC)