Wednesday, November 15, 2006

just call me and i'll be there

i remember i told some of you i was quite excited to meet my long lost best friend from sec 1. that day when i first give her a call after i got her contact i was bursting with joy. all the flashback and memories. i thought this is going to be fun, we have a lot to catch up. the person that she used to be... that will laugh till she tears while i figure out what she is talking about.

since then, i had made a lot of calls to ask her out. we had met two or three times but i had stop calling. the last time we went out she called me because someone fong fei kei (fly aeroplane) her, i postponed my other appointment to company her. she asked me then "why you never call me already?*" then i replied her "i told you, i will always make time for you. if you are free just call me because you are more busy than me."

you know why i had call and sms a lot before that and i feel a bit unwelcome, maybe she doesn't want to meet me as much as i want to. do they really want you to sms when they don't reply? do they want to hear from you when they don't answer your call? sometimes you really wonder do ppl want to hear from you or not? so i stop, it's not that i don't care. i mean maybe they are happier without me bugging them.

i am a bit curious why she asked me that* the last time though.

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Anonymous said...

Smile :)

Can only say some ppl need or want to be pampered. Like the situation you are facing now. Funny ya! Ironic

Anyway, i believe it will help others what to expect and not to expect! when encountering this prob.

Thanks for sharing, Yen