Thursday, November 30, 2006

is she funny or am i just easily amused?

cy: can you get me the vacation of this ppl? i need to put them in the profile for the prog booklet.
michelle: x is unemployed.. so dont mention anything abt a job in regards to her. all she does now is go for dbd thats all.
cy: hahahah so i put there 'all she does now is go for dbd, hahahah.'
michelle: .... (after a long list of info) y ... is asleep - she says she will tell me tomorrow.
cy: huh she talks to you in her sleep?
michelle: she smsed saying 'mich - i m asleep - tomorrow morning will call'


Jon Ng said...'re still doing the booklet?

TheDugong said...

no no.. i think that IS funny.

chaiyen said...

i am going to miss her :(