Sunday, November 19, 2006

you are loved even your not so lovely side

it is often said "to love one person, love all that person weaknesses too". one day you will find that person that will love even the worst of you.

1. someone that loves you even if you leave coffee cup ring stains on the table.
2. someone that enjoys your snores at night, a beautiful reminder that someone is sleeping at the side.
3. someone that likes your sweat smell because it carries a very unique odor that you and you alone carries.
4. someone that finds looking at you with your shirt all tuck in your pants, with the ugliest post lying on the bed as if no-one-is-there rather cute.
5. someone finds it fun to clean your ears because you hate to do that.
6. someone gets very excited to find those things you always misplaced.
7. someone still talks to you no matter how horrible you were last night.

hope you will feel special just thinking that this person is somewhere around.

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