Thursday, November 02, 2006

since you have not seen me for a while

the wild side. i don't like this photo but i shall show you the only studio shot i had taken.

photo by bluinc

this is more like me. don't you miss my smile?

photo by anna


Sam said...

Lower one nicer.


Anonymous said...

Nice of you showing your photos to everyone.

I like both. Different angles and style.

Thank You

deJelly said...

wa..when did u go for a studio shot!?
or saje ambil gambar with one of client's photographer.. nyeks..

natural is best = D

Anonymous said...

I most def miss that smile... :) I'll be on tour so I won't be blogging much... take care while I'm away yea? *hugs*

Anonymous said...

Second one is nicer. Casual, relax and lovely, esp that smile.

Jon Ng said...

Hey, nice pics!! Hehehehe...