Friday, November 10, 2006

just for laugh

j: why, suddenly remember your umbrella when it starts to rain is it?
cy: yes, are you at home? can i have my umbrella back.
j: nope, i'm not at home. didn't your teacher teach you this "sediakan payung sebelum hujan" (prepare yourself for rainy days)?

r: why do a guy not call a girl? because he already has someone else in his life so he can DELETE HER for his memory.

wm: i really like your picture. kinda of like sending signals... i am single... come date me pls.
cy: oh really. then you have to take more photo for me, i need to sent more signals


shups! said...

HEHEHEHEhehee.. funny.

Anonymous said...

woman, i help you take pics in BKK. be prepared :p heheehe