Tuesday, November 28, 2006

life is tough/funny

1. it is 4.31pm now and i am having my first bite of solid food today.
i had only took one hour of nap last night.
it is going to be a long night tonight before i can rest my head on my pillow.

2. michelle proctor is suppose to meet in the afternoon to help me proof read the work but she said she can't make it this morning. why?

michelle: some student from my country has committed suicide. so i reckon i will be tied up the whole day...
cy: oh so what are you going to do?
michelle: today - i hv to go with other senior studenst to buy a coffin. put the guy in it (hahahah... sorry i cannot stop laughing when i read the second line). and at 2 pm he is going to klia to fly off with the 9pm flight.
cy: ok then.. don't worry about the proofreading. i can get someone else to do it. (i just want someone to do proofreading, what just happened?)

3. for DBD t shirt
we are printing = 400
t shirt for cast and crews = 160
t shirts for ushers = 195
t shirts for marshalls = 8
total left for sales = 37

cy: we are only selling 37 t shirts?
*speechless*: of left 37... then print 50 more.
cy: so we are only selling 87? meaning:

6000 ppl coming for the show divide by 87 t shirts = every 68 ppl that pass by the counter only 1 can buy

*speechless*: ya we want them to fight for it

i should order the size of only XXL and XS because they are either so big that they managed to push through to the counter or very small that they manage to squeeze thru.

i can print more and sell it at the 'black market' at the staircase area. business opportunity :)

ok i am talking rubbish. i am very sleepy. i should get back to work now.


yapster said...

u a bit high high when u posting? hahaha sound like it...

Anonymous said...

Screw the 87 Tshirts.

Id make the black market work, you in?

This is just funny, and weird at the same time.


deJelly said...

black market sounds good!
i'm sure there's a demand for it out of the 6000 tShirt deprived people
= )

chaiyen said...

black market :) hehe.... we shall not rub it in