Tuesday, November 07, 2006


image by corbis

- female magazine
- drunk before dawn

- greeks philosophy class (i had only went for 1 out 4 classes but i like it!)

- listening to Always and Forever the Daughter of a King series by Bobbie Houston
- listening to Womanhood by Ps Lee Choo
- psalms
- still reading Bono

- going to laundry
- meeting new and old friends
- having fun replying sms and msn of ppl i hardly know, you will know what i mean if you are from the irc generation :)
- watching my latest korean series save your last dance for me
- planning my next bangkok trip

- attending body pump, abt and abs classes in celebrity fitness
- thai massage at odyssey at tropicana clubhouse
- beauty spa

things i want to do very much but have not come to it:
- to read Gift from the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh, my birthday present from elaine
- to read The Man who ate the 747 by Ben Sherwood, a surpise in my mailbox from a friend i haven't meet. according to him it is a very romantic book
- to make an arrangement with my doctor. the pain on my knee is getting quite serious. any driver that will be kind enough to fetch me around?
- use my FREE manicure spa, FEEE facial at Shiseido, FREE RM200 spa ( a lot of free stuff because i had been doing a lot of purchases, haha)
- sleep (ok i will never have enough eventhough i slept 11pm-11am, took my lunch and slept till 4pm today). tell you a secret, i think someone was awake for me last night so that i can sleep :)

i am not keeping myself busy to drown myself but when God shed some light in what i am going through, joy fill my heart once again. yes, i am most beautiful when i smile. i am the child of a King.

don't be busy looking for the one, be busy preparing yourself for the one


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Anonymous said...

chai yen..spare me some of ur free voucher? ahahah...joking ...
so attractive wey... i think those things cant get out of us!! ahahah...