Wednesday, November 22, 2006

korean series can be quite real

our love will always last from the movie save you last dance for me

he landed in a place alien to himself. he lost his memories, he doesn't remember where he stays and he has no friends and family with him.

she took him in, opened her house to him and took care of him. the year pass, they both fell in love. her father doesn't allow them to be together but he promised even if he gains back his memories he will still love her and take care of her forever.

one morning, he disappeared from the house. the last thing she knows is he left a message 'someone claims that he knows my family, when i am done i will come back'.

he didn't come back that day. he didn't come back a year after that. so she live on everyday without a closure to that relationship. a lot of things run through her mind. "maybe his life is too happy to be gather back with his family and friends. he doesn't want to remember me anymore. but why will one do such a thing to a person that open her house to him. my life is all well and good, why does he had to appear and disappear suddenly."

one day she saw him, she ran after him and asked him why did he leave without saying anything. he is the only son of the owner of a establish firm. he pushed her away, he doesn't remember her. that upsets her a lot, maybe he is embarassed to know me because his status is now different. later she found out he had an accident that night again, he remembered everything before that except for what happen that one year.

so she stayed around, enter the firm to work because all she wants is to be near him and to be a friend to him. people around doesn't like that, they thought she is being ambitious to want to get near the boss son. so she was treated badly by colleague and he was cold to her but it is ok she could stand anything just to be near him, she said she will wait. till one day he pulled her aside,
"why are you bearing with all these around you. are you trying to get my sympathy if i will be with you it is because i sympathise you, yes you managed to get my attention so now get lost from my life."
that night it is over he insulted her "other people can say anything they want and i will take it in but how can you say this to me. i will, if you want me to go i will... i will never appear in front of you again. i was wrong to come back and find you because the person that i love is already dead. you are a different person now."

let it be then, he will never remember me. we can go on to do our own things and just pretend that we never exist in each other life before.


valeriechuan said...

i guess this is what we call fate?like god's playing games with us..

Anonymous said...


it is fated = that is God's plan