Monday, November 13, 2006

it's complicated

i was wondering for a while why do friendster has this status of relationship, 'it's complicated'. i understand single, in a relationship and married. for the last few months i have talked to a lot of people, i think i finally understand that.

when do ppl put that status?
1. this person is in a relationship but is in a cooling down period/ time off. they had not discuss what to do yet.
2. this person is holding hand with a girl that is not his girlfriend.
3. this person has more than one girlfriend.
4. this person don't know what he wants.
5. this person is in a new relationship but is still very attach to his ex.
6. this person wants to start a new relationship but has not really break up with his ex yet.
7. this person is still waiting for his ex but she is not.
8. this person just break up but doesn't want to admit it.
9. this person didn't bother to fix the problem with his current girlfriend.
10. this person don't know how to fix the problem with his current girlfriend.

that status doesn't sound very good but at least it means he has not given up hope.


Anonymous said...

funnie you talked about this... I was just wondering about it a few nites ago...

Anonymous said...

juz to clarify...

it's not tis alvin(fcbc)


chaiyen said...

oh i didn't know i have another alvin there. hi alvin that is not from fcbc :) do i know you. you look pretty familiar.