Friday, November 17, 2006

i promise i will never say to you 'move on'

over this year, loads and loads of people had use these words to console me. now that the cloud of darkness has pass me by i want to talk about this without being emotional. i hope that none of you will take it to personally because i don't remember faces that say that. or there are just to many people that say it, i already felt numbed to it.

in life whether we like it or not we are moving on. so it is really an unnecessry piece of advice. and no those word are not really encouraging. i am not sure if anyone agree with me but can you imagine:

you go for a funeral to tell the family of the deceit, move on
your friend fail in an exam and you sit down next to him and say, move on
your father just got bankrupt and you walked up to him and say, move on
someone just lose a job and you pat his shoulder as he packed his stuff, move on
someone have a car accident and lost both his legs, you look down to his missing feet and say, move on

yes, enough example but i just think that those words are very insensitive. bill wilson once said if you want to be a comfort to other
sit where the person sit.
if you don't know what to say, it is ok just sit there. company is comfort not the words. just remember no one like to be down, if i am not moving on what the hell do you think i am doing?

reminder: i am just making a statement. i am not holding grudges to anyone. if there is one thing i can say, sorry if i hurt anyone in this one year. i wasn't in the mood of receiving advice. i think i finally understand that bit of it, sorry my friend for talking so much. haha


Jon Ng said...

I agree a lot with what you say. Really.

Anonymous said...

i still disagree....but i won't argue here... next time when we meet la...heh


Sam said...


Haha, hell, Im gonna sit just right here.


Is there space?

Anonymous said...

Sometimes, we dun have to say anything! our presence at that times/moments makes a different.

We dun have any answer/words to all things.Just being there at the right times, at the crucial moments. makes the different.