Thursday, November 16, 2006

crazy things i did the last week

1. i went to the chinese guru to get my knee massage. after the whole works. she bandaged it, it looked horrible. i took it off the next day to go for gym.
2. i went back to the chinese guru. this time it was even more drama. she poked two needles like the one on top to the side of my knee, it is suppose to let the blood flow. i had to admit i was terrified even before the needle touches me. she left the needles there and my whole leg got numbed. i got more nervous.... what's happening. ok that is suppose to be normal. my knee was feeling good immediately. quite amazing huh!
3. i still went for gym following that and it works out fine. i think my knee just need exercise so that the blood can flow. no wonder it hurts every morning. i'm aging faster than i think.
4. i went for body pump class yesterday. i was late so the free weight for 0.5 ran out. i reluctantly took the 2.5 for the first time. ouch my hands hurt but i think i am getting better. i am fine today. i think circumstances are pushing me beyond what i think i am capable.
5. i dropped my mum at the saloon today and accidentally got my hair perm. not only that i was the first customer to try their new product. i think i am a bit too daring recently.

is my knee and hair good. only time can tell. anyway i can live dangerously because i don't have husband and kids waiting for me at home.


Anonymous said...

Living la vida loca... ;)

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