Monday, January 28, 2008

brides brides brides

i cannot believe i did it but i did. 3 weddings over the weekend. as i hit the highway i still cannot believe im doing it but i just followed what i decided in my heart to do putting aside the impossibility. ironically the group of friends represent different seasons of my life. my college friends drove all the way to malacca for one of our most outstanding student, my ex's friends gathered all at nilai while the rest of my very first young adults cell group friends reunite in holiday villa.

it seems to me as we age friends matters to us more and more and it doesnt matter where your weddings are. we drive, fly and even if need to we crawl our way there. i mean a couple took 30 hours to reach malacca. transiting twice, and taking a coach from kl to malacca. it was a good weekend, though i would rather have more time with every group of them.

and whoever think that it is not worth it, to attend 3 not complete weddings why not just sit down to enjoy one. after this experience, i just want you to know you are so wrong. it is totally worth it. to get a hug from my ex's wife (i told you she likes me hehe) and from the other two brides were priceless. none of them really complain i left early or came late. all thanked me with such sincere eyes i took such effort to make it. honestly it was really tiring but if that shows them i really came to celebrate with them, that is enough. im happy and satisfied despite the tiredness. for im always tired anyway but i can never attend their wedding again so i still think i made a good decision.

on a side note i talked to those married, divorced, just attached and single again. it seems like none had really figure out this thing call love.

and how about having them sing for your wedding. but i guess hearing the groom sing this was beautiful enough.

sorry, im a bit all over the place. felt a bit automobile lag. from sunway to malacca to nilai and home in 26 hours. my heart is still pumping very rapidly. the brides, brides and brides overwhelm me. conversations with old friends, new ppl and families of my friends consume me.

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