Tuesday, January 15, 2008

hang on to the promise, dont compromise

ok let's start the year right. and when you have a panic attack go to the words of God.

lesson1 - dont compromise
i realised that it is always women in the bible that come out with brilliant ideas that lead to regrets. sarai giving abram her maidservant since she doesnt seem to be having babies.

the promise: Then God's message came: "Dont worry, he (your servant) wont be your heir; a son from your body will be your heir." (genesis 15.4, the message)
the compromise: sarai said to abram, "God has not seen fit to let me have a child. sleep with my maid. maybe i can get a family from her." Abram agreed to do what sarai said. (genesis 15.1-2, the message)
the promise again: God said "Your wife, sarah, will have a baby, a son. name him isaac. i'll establish my convenant with him and his descendants, a covenant that lasts forever. (genesis 17.19, the message)

just remember when God says you will, you will. so dont simply pick a guy because time is running out. and as shirley had made her point age should not be the factor to stress us to have babies when we are not ready. "if God wants me to have a baby, He will". in the midst of my years in ministry with kids, i remember once that God told me that one day i will disciple my own child... a child of my own and no longer just a spiritual children. i still have a that picture perfect family in my mind.

lesson2 - dont let age take away your beauty
i know it is freaking scary to be of this age (as you can see im not mentioning my age anymore hahaha). but i need to remember that even sarah at the age close to hundred was still attracting attentions of kings wherever she and abraham went. so cheer up girls. we can still be very attractive but i guess we should keep doing everything in our hand to do. if dolling up and going to the gym makes us feel fit and good about ourselves then do it. there is something about you-think-that-you-look-good, other wil think that you look good. it is the confidence of that person that makes them look really attractive, or at least i believe. just dont be overconfident haha... it can be torturing sometimes. let your confidence be in your moves not your words.

lesson3 - dont be afraid of marriage/relationship
i had sat down with many many ppl especially girls that are very cynical about marriage or guy for that matter. it is discussed that "no one is righteous, not even one" and im not quoting the bible, it is the words of women that believe that no man in this world will not commit adultery at least once in their lifetime. that is quite saddening to enter marriage like this isnt it, or should i say that is being very well prepared so that when it comes it doesnt take you too much of a surprise? well for me, im not saying it will never happen but if i enter a relationship im not going to think of this day and night. i believe thoughts like this screw up relationship before even anything like adultery take place. today i learned another lesson as well from the bible. that despite the many times abraham lacked the courage to speak out for the wife, God protected sarah from having any kings come close to her because He has a plan for this couple.

Now Abimelech had not yet slept with her, hadnt so much as touched her. He said, "Master (God), would you kill an innocent man? Didnt he tell me, 'She is my sister?' And didnt she herself say, 'He's my brother?' I had no idea i was doing anything wrong when i did this." God said to him in the dream, "Yes, i know your intentions were pure, that's why i kept you from sinning against me; I was the one who kept you from going to bed with her. so now give the man's wife back to him. he's a prophet and will pray for you -- pray for your life. if you dont give her back, know that it's certain death both for you and everyone in your family." (genesis 20.4-7, the message)

in a way none of us can tie a man to us day and night, neither can a man do anything to stop her wife from being touched by another man. but God can. God can be there where you cant. so fear not the possibility of troubles that will come upon us, but fear God that can protect us and our spouse from falling.

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