Sunday, January 13, 2008

how can love like this possibly exist?

so as usual i was reading the interviews im doing. and i was very very suprise. this actress actually married a guy he knows only for two weeks. that dude who proposed is equally crazy right? and yes this is the first time im writing this but buy HELLO! issue18 for their full story and you will understand why im that astonished. it is because she did not one bit compromise in her expectations and they are now 7 years married. the photos i was laying out proved that they are very much more loving than any couples i had seen taken photos together. so it couldnt be just for show...

i mean i had heard someone get attach within that timespan and i believe that he actually was determined to make it last. but i've also come to conclusion that making a relationship last is not a decision of one person. not even of two... but of two person at the same time. so how does she actually come to have such faith that this guy is for real? so i sit there thinking of a few passing comments that took place last week. maybe arranged marriage is really the way out for this generation –- we date too long that most of us break up more than married, we choose too much then we realised the person we chose are far from what we fall far from what we expect, we think too much and we tend to rasionalise so much that love isnt really love anymore. basically too much choices ruin our life. so yah... boy you go for it, i might consider joining you after you show me a pattern how to do it hahaha.

anyway im still not sleepy yet maybe because i sinfully slept till 1pm (something i had not done for very very long) but i need to go to sleep now because i need to go to church tomorrow morning :)

fanatically joined josh in looping this song.

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