Monday, January 28, 2008

the first time

1. i did my very first digital curl and highlighted my hair for the very first time
- i will never spent more than rm150 on my hair. this time i did, the danger is to start reasoning that it is not expensive in market rate. i dont think i will highlight my hair again, i dont see the point
2. i became a starbucks addict
- i think now im spending more than ever
3. i bought myself my very first pair of levi's jeans
- honestly i have never have one. yah i dont know why. i think it is necessity
4. i step foot in tokyo for the very first time. thanks steph for making it happened
- i dare to dream of more places to go
5. i was send for a job out of the country - shanghai. thanks to josh for his recommendation
- i never thought it will happen in my lifetime
6. i was kissed on the lip by a guy that is not my boyfriend
- i swear it is the first time. it happened too fast
7. i watch grey's anatomy and fell in love with it
- i heard that movie for ages just had never start going for it
8. i have feelings for more than one guy at the same time
- i cannot believe that can actually happen to me
9. i got my first wedding planning job
- i think God knows our heart desire, and fulfill every little dreams within us
10. i had a bank account that hit more than 10k (take note of the past tense haha)
- it proves to me it is possible. i will try again this year

1. i try my very first affogato
- heavenly. had my second cup in jogoya today
2. im going for my very first family holiday since ages ago
- i dont know how we all actually agree to this but it is happening. sooner than i can believe
3. i bought my very first winter jacket
- yes, i told you im spending more than ever
4. i pay for my own insurance. not calculating what my cpf account deduct from my account
- you know where else the money goes, i did not just indulge it in pure luxury
5. i got picked up by a married man
- freaky. enuff said. *puke*
6. i never thought i could do this but to attend two weddings' dinners on the same night
- super high by the driving and rush
7. i attended the very first wedding of my ex bf
- i felt nothing. what do you think i will feel about attending a wedding of someone i love.... hmm very interesting.
8. (waiting to fill up)
9. ...
10. ...

1. i still have not start smoking
2. i still have not watch any of the lord of the rings sequel
3. i still have not watch any starwars sequels
4. i have yet to watch any harry potters sequels
5. i still have not visit our new mall pavillion
6. i still do not know why my ex bf broke off with me (and had resolved to the beauty of not knowing why)
7. i still have yet to start saving
8. i still do not have a credit card
9. i still have yet to lose my virginity
10. i do not have a potential guy going after me now

we all have our first time in everything. the theory is after you broke the rule of the first time, chances are it is easier to allow it to happen the second time. good or bad, i guess that depends on what it really is.


Anonymous said...

that's really something to know about you.....thx for sharing.

chaiyen said...

hehe.... i thought you know most of it :)

blurred esh said...

hey! i think i can pretty much have the same list like you too.. well, at least the starbucks part.. hahaha..

thanx for sharing!

chaiyen said...

pretty much the same list. now that is worthy of a discussion hmmm

blurred esh said...

hahahahaha... ;o)