Monday, January 21, 2008

simple misunderstanding

love it because it simply explains the song from the hearts of men and women. especially this video how they do the duet makes even much more nicer compared to the studio recorded version. as usual my theory of a relationship, when a relationship doesnt works out no one is wrong. no one is to be blamed. i heard this song a year ago on class95 (singapore). i thought the lines were pretty good so i did what i always do, i searched for the lyrics. i forgotten all about it until this year i hear it play once again on mixfm. this is what i call a good dj. not afraid of playing a hit from century ago but reintroducing it once again to our present generation at the right time giving it another upspring. im sure this song had took a lot of attention of mixfm's listener. just read this blog you might find it quite amusing.

simple misunderstanding = the common break up cause of many relationships. women that say what they do not mean, and men that never come to do what they mean to make her stay. or at least this was the beginning cause.

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