Wednesday, January 23, 2008


yes go to sleep wong chaiyen.

and you bother to read this long article.

oh no... you are actually going to sign in to blog this. gosh....

enough is enough go to sleep.

without me realising it, im beginning to take pride about sleeping less. in fact i really think that sleeping more than 6 hours is a total waste of time. repent... wong chaiyen. sleep early, fight wrickles.

i love to sleep. but sometimes you are deprived so much of it, you forget how you used to love it. maybe it is true with everything else in life.


Anonymous said...

I nearly died a year ago because I felt asleep on the wheel while driving and got into a terrible accident. Repair bills came up to more than SGD$15000.(thank God for insurance)
Nothing to be proud about, if u dun have enough sleep. I think we should be proud if we can enough sleep and rest(physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually) and still have time to get things done. =)


chaiyen said...

yes i know... that is why i dunno where i get the idea it is something to boast about. apparently im not the only one. dun worry, im just reminded i love to sleep. doing that a lot now.