Friday, July 27, 2007

what took me so long to realise

what took me so long, to realise
that you no longer reply my comments
that you are not really going to have lunch with me
that you are not interested to make conversation with me

what took me so long to realise
that you are not showing me any signs at all you are befriending me
that you are just polite when you give me excuses you are not free
that you are not saying more than 'hi' and 'bye'

what took me so long to realise

i don't hate you for that because i'm sure you have your reasons to your doing
but i do question how did it get to this stage
but i do ask what did i do wrong to deserve this
but i do hope i know what i can do to make things better

though i know there are no answers to this how, what and why
sitting here the questions just come in a repeating cycle
sitting here the mind just keep fighting the thought
sitting here the tears just flow out

what took me so long to realise, that you are ignoring me.

it is half true you think less when you are busy. it is an extreme of both end, either you block your mind and drown your life with work or the quietness of the nights surface out those wounds that are still there and you will just burst out in tears without anyone triggering it

sometimes ppl don't need a reason to ignore you, so long as you are not my friend's friend. you are not my friend too. fullstop.


Anonymous said...

hhmm...poetry ?

deJelly said...

the voices are too loud for busyness to overcome...

i think it's even louder after 1am.
When people start going to bed and you're the only one awake in the house...

Sam said...


chaiyen said...

cavin, point no. 5. somehow when i'm sad, i get a bit poetic hahahah...

jelly, you sound like you really know what it feels like. but for me a little later maybe about 3am.

deJelly said...

ur house awake till later i think.. by 1am everyone's asleep..
staircase light all off..

= P

Yanlin said...

hi, chaiyen, are u alright? :)

chaiyen said...

sorry, i know i sound a bit emotional :) but normally i will be ok after i shout it all out. yah, basically i'm ok now. too busy to feel much.

Anonymous said...

nevermind, next month onwards we go gym together-gether k? then build big-big muscles to beat up whoever annoys the shit out of you. wahaahahhahahahaahaahahahaahah!!


Yanlin said...

m glad u r ok! sometimes i do get emotional when i write as well :)

take good care of urself while being busy with your work...

btw, ur latest post, that pic, looks very different from your normal pic...a very sexy side of ur...keke...very pretty...