Friday, July 13, 2007

the sad fact of life

it is painful in life we are always remember for our bad. it doesn't matter jack bauer saves the world. to his daughter, he didn't tell her he is still alive despite the reason it is for her protection. not to mention the many times he puts america in danger to protect her. as long as she lives, she will remember him for not being there when her mum died. how ironic.

kids don't remember you for bringing them into the world, how you painfully pay their bills and the dinner you cook for them but they remember you for breaking your holiday promises, missing their graduation and driving dad out of the house.

friends don't remember you for the time you are there for them, little sms you sent them and meals you buy them. they remember you for the time you ffk them, the time you screamed at them or that day you two time them.

bf don't remember you for the good times they have with you, how you pamper them with surprises and accept them when the world doesn't. they remember you for the stupid words you said, how things ended and what a pain in the ass you had been throughout the relationship.

yes this is a sad fact of life. every mistakes of your life overwrite the thousands good you did. it doesn't matter the millions good words you had said, your one sentence that hurts them will be remember as your last words or at least they will make sure those will be your last words because they no longer want to hear from you. there are no chance to explain, to redo things or even apologise.

it is sad that only one day in your life that ppl sit down and forget about the horrible side of you. that is during your funeral, too bad you are no longer there. but as long as you live, bite your tongue and bear with it. ppl need a-reason-you-are-no-longer-there, a-reason-why-you-should-not and a-reason-why-you-should-not-be. ppl need an answer for the pain they went through and you are just perfect for the time being. count it lucky someone hates you, someone hold grudges against you, someone is thinking of you. for the record, you remain longer in the memories of someone life when they hate you more than when they love you.

itunes: you'll think of me by keith urban


Anna-Rina said...

y'know what, funnily enough, i'll always remember the cassette recording that you girls did for me when I left school, I'll always remember the times when we walked to Steph's house after school, I'll always remember the 'han yin pin yin' letters we used to write, I'll always remember that day when you helped me out with the CD cover, I'll always remember our first overseas girls trip to Bangkok ;p.

And when I got to the end of your post, I LOLed when I saw that you are STILL listening to Keith Urban. Hahaha! Looping since that day I went to your house issit? ;p

chaiyen said...

what cassette recording haha. now i dont remember. haha... ok i have change my songs now. looping now "the reason" by hoobastank

Anna-Rina said...

tiu :p