Tuesday, July 24, 2007

coming to my senses

i remember those days i used to be in college, how i hated it when the assignments never seem to end. though i should embraced all the work and take it as an opportunity to prepare a good portfolio, i still loathe the feeling i pay the college fee to go through this suffering. i told myself, i will surely enjoy doing my work more when i start to work. at least i'm paid for my hardwork.

then work started, i work day and night. i still am glad, i proved them wrong that said "when you start working, you will rather go back to college". i mean it was hard work but i really do feel that at least i am being paid for my work. also it is a great feeling to see my work printed and published. that went on for 2 years, then i came to my senses. i do not understand why my workload keep increasing but my pay never. so i told myself, i will surely enjoy doing my work more when i start to do freelance. at least i'm paid for every late night i stay up for.

then i started doing freelance. these is the 5th years doing freelance. i still am glad. i proved them wrong that said "you can't survive long doing freelance, after a while you will go back to a permanent job". i mean there were times that i don't have any jobs at all but most of the times this happen only because i was complacent. at other time i was just too busy, and i am happy i am. because everytime i am busy it just reminds me why i'm thankful i took this path.

i am glad that i can stay up late in my own room then in a big quiet office. i am glad i still have my mummy to prepare meals for me then skipping meals and sleep at the same time. i am glad i can lie down on my bed for short naps then to lie down on the carpet of my office (dun ask me why they don't have a sofa, and yes i was desperate). i am glad i can remind myself the pay cheque that is coming from these late nights then to be hopeful for pay rise that never seems to happen. i am definitely glad that i do not need to take leave for my holidays then to be hold back from holidays because we have yet another deadline. i am glad that organizations recognised my work instead of the company. i am glad. i am glad... that i had the courage to follow my gut feeling and stick with it. i am glad that i am progressing in life.

honestly this is not the end. i told myself, i will surely enjoy life more if one day i own a company that will generate income for me. well of course who will not. hehehe... yah it doesn't seem like it will ever happen, but who knows how long till i write my next paragraph.

to celebrate the beginning of another cycle of busy workload. finished 19 episodes of 24 in 4 days. 5 more to go. i will try to squeeze it in between this busy schedule.


Anna-Rina said...

amen to that :)

Anonymous said...

It is great that you are doing what you believe in doing.

Most of us do it only for the money. :)

deJelly said...

It's always great when someone enjoys their work... it comes quite rare these days..

To the few that had the courage to pursue a path many thought would lead to failure, but turn out victorious...


chaiyen said...

anna, welcome to your new change. i am sure you are progressing in life too.

sungimann, thanks for visiting. well maybe my job doesn't pay very well so i need to find a way around it, to make it work for me.

jelly, cheers mean you are going to join me. follow your heart boy. i am sure you would too.

Unknown said...

There is good and bad in every situation, decision,so its hard to say, but Im glad you are in the positive side.

Keep it up.

chaiyen said...

yahh looking up :)