Friday, August 04, 2006

a girl every guy likes

had mahjong session with the girls yesterday.

this is one thing i learned. honestly i think they are really smart but i don't think i can be so cool as to not open my big mouth.

"don't leave your shoes outside the house, some fella will climb over your gate and steal your shoe"
"lock your car, ppl can easily start up your car and drive it away"
"can you don't leave your wallet everywhere keep it in your pocket"

don't guys just hate to hear these but honestly girls hate to repeat themselves too. our concern for your lost had made us become so uncool and naggy. as we walked out from her bf's house, we raised up the same concern "why he leaves his shoe outside? his car is not lock?" my goodness girls just have the eye for all these things.

she was prepared with her answer, "it's okie, leave it. i had told him so many times i told myself i shall not loss my cool over it anymore. hopefully he will learn his lesson soon." another girl agreed "yah i do the same, it is his money not ours."

wow i want to be a cool girlfriend too. i can see that i am not following the trend. so guys do you really prefer we do that?



people leave their wallets everywhere and dont lock their doors? i thought that only happens in singapore, oh well, let them learn the lesson by the hard way then.. hehe..then they will appreciate you girls more

chaiyen said...

my goodness even a guy agree with the tactic. ok... i am behind time.

Precious things said...

haha thats y we girls become naggers.. and grow up to be nagging mothers.. and not forgetting grandmothers// sigh... now i pity my mum.. heee!

Felix :O) said...

i think i kinda understand where gals are coming from... they're not really nagging, just reminding. so, the more a guy forgets, the more she reminds.

so, now if you knew why our moms nag, coz she cares and want the best for us. same goes to most girlfriends, i think.

shups! said...

For a scatterbrain like myself, i've met my fair share of naggy guys too. Hahah..

Anonymous said...

Fine fine :D I will give oyu a nice LONG update once I get back to NYC later today! Hahahaha soooo pushy! I cant post pics yet but I'll def write an update JUST for you~!

chaiyen said...

felix and yin huan: that is comforting, thanks :)
laura: we need to learn to be cool and caring mums ok?
shups: but then again girls understand that as care so i am sure you are touch by their concern and care.
robin: thank you. and who is the fella that complain i don't blog frequent enough? hahaha