Thursday, August 10, 2006

grace to love

i know i had wrote a lot about 'what-a-girl-should-do-and-not-do' and 'what-guy-should-do-and-not-do'. as i wrote down these issues that i repeatedly encounter in a relationship, i am saying it is true there are a lot we face in a relationship. i am stating the obvious facts that are probably not obvious. it is for self-check and is not intended to arouse your anger. as we girls play our role to nag less and you guys learn the magic of being more loving something beautiful will surely happen.

i was pretty close when i learn to love someone till i begin to look at my own needs. so it is your task guys, to love her till she forgets about herself. you girls to make him THE MAN because he sees himself through your eyes. i had not given up hope in GOD and in man. one day, i will surely find sufficient grace to love a person a lifetime. for now i wish you all the best.

... he constantly invites his fellow man to ask real, often painful and upsetting questions, to look behind the surface of smooth behavior, and to take away all the obstacles that prevent him from getting into the heart of the matter. the contemplative critic takes away the illusory mask of the manipulative world and has the courage to show what the true situation is. .... more than anything else, he will look for signs of hope and promise in the situation which he finds himself... he knows that if there is hope for a better world in the future the signs must be in the present, and he will never curse the now in favor of the later. he is not a naive optimist who expects his frustrated desires to be satisfied in the future, nor a bitter pessimist who keeps repeating that the past has taught him that there is nothing new under the sun; he is rather a man of hope who lives with the unshakeable conviction that now he is seeing a dim reflection in a mirror, but that one day he will see the future face to face. (excerpts from the wounded healer)


Joshua Kwah said...
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Joshua Kwah said...

Love doesn't happen. Doesn't get right first time everytime. But It is patient. It takes time to nurture. It extends. It offers. Appreciate what you write. It is a real tussle you are sharing. Keep writing!