Sunday, August 13, 2006

again and again

i hate to be misunderstood. i told you sms is horrible. it conveys the message in a different tone. whatever it is, as usual it is too late. i feel horrible. my goodness i am so childish, i need to grow up. i want to go out and catch a movie. hopefully i will find my company, drained myself till i'm tired and go to bed. tomorrow has to be a better day.

by the way did you realise the very thing you hate happens in your life again and again. yah probably it will only stop occuring when you grow not to be affected by it anymore. i'm not sure if i will.


Jon Ng said...

Truly sadly deeply, it happens again and again.....SIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

awww.. feel better~! *hugs*

chaiyen said...

yahh jon i am sure you understand :)

robin, cyber hugs is better than no hugs at all ;P thank you for always listening. at least i know you are there.